Sunday, 29 January 2012

plant ladder

Worked a night shift and couldnt sleep when I got back, my Terry was fast asleep so I took myself off down to the garage and got some old decking boards and some 2" X 3" batten and made up a plant box ladder, I had been looking on line and there was no way i felt the £75 they were asking for was justified !!
cost me and hour and a half to make and a few lengths of wood and  a few screws.

Weather is dismal today so when i get a dry day i will stain it the same as the raised beds.
Below is few pots on it so you can see what i have in mind.

I think that this looks ok

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Water Butt

Havent had much time for the garden this week, between the weather, (very wet and windy) work and visiting MIL.

M'lady and I did manage a quick tidy up on monday afternoon and i fixed a hole in the water butt and raised it a bit higher on some spare breeze blocks

with a little step for the grandkids to go around the side of the greenhouse

 I have also taken a few pictures of the garden from up on the green house so you can see the full lay out.
this is a 3' by 4' raised bed with a tv box stopping the cats from digging and a collection of my water butts

this is the view of most of my garden as you can see it is not that big, but you will be surprised by what i can fit into it, i will get my OH to have a look to see if we have any photo's from last year if so i will upload them because the changes are huge ! 

And lastly this is the arial view of my compost bin, made from old pallets.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The evil weevel

Brrrrrrrrrr chilly in the garden today, very breezey thick grey cloud, never saw the sun in the 6 hours i was out there !

Earlier in the week I found some Grubs in my strawberry plants having had a good look on good ole GC I found out it is vine weevil, so determind to get shot of them I have spent most of today examining my strawberry plants removing said grubs and washing them off. I figure they have more chance of surviving with me bugging them then the grubs eating them ! Have now replanted in new compost and shall hope for the best.

these nest ones look the saddest but they do have new green grow just starting so Fingers crossed

Affected soil has been stored in plastic boxes not too sure what i should do with it yet lol 

Turned the compost heap over it looking good and the worms are huge !

It may be a little early but i have planted some tomato seeds "Marmande"

also some leeks  "Musselburgh"

in proporgators in a plastic green house inside the greenhouse, both packs say the can be planted from Jan onwards in greenhouse so we will see, the temp in there is reaching 20 durring the day

Thursday, 19 January 2012


This is a pic just after the green house was put up last october when i was making the raised beds to go around it, as you can see the garden is really not that big !

havent done any thing in garden to day as i was at the hospital all morning then went straight to work

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Raining today

Well i wont be taking pics today as it is so grey and very wet !!
Dont like days like this

Found vine weevil grubs in my strawberries yesterday, not impressed !
hopefully I found them all and the plants survive the attack !!

Also got the soil ready in the green house, planning to start planting this weekend


got a few hours before i trundle off to work so going to pick up some tubers and some compost

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

will it or wont it ?

day one lol

IF this works i will faint!

weather is mild but very grey today so have spent a few hours in the garden, transplated some strawberries that were comming back to life in troughs as the hanging bags dont really work that well, have left them in the green house though till it warms up alittle. 

Noticed that my gooseberry bush is thinking about budding as is the rasberry bush

shall take photos later

got a headache after trying to do this so it had better work lol

working later so better get cleaned up and eat some broth