Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Starting to look like an allotment

Well I have had a week off work and needless to say it rained every single day, but determind not to waste the time i dug the plot any way so here are some photos and even though I had hoped to be further along, but I am  still pleased concidering the weather we have had.

nearly there ! I have got some onion sets in under cover, hopefully by the end of the week i will have some spuds in too

Monday, 13 February 2012


Been up the allotment after working a block of nights.

To be honest I was shattered but really want to get the plot ready for planting, the sky was grey and it kept misting with Rain, was having a fight with a bramble bush (that was winning) when i stumbled across these two slow worms.

I took a couple of pictures to pop on here then re-located to a corner of the plot that I wont be disturbing ! They gave me a much needed lift and i finished every thing that i had plan too with a little more heart.

Just after this i saw a few lady birds but they had gone by the time i got the camera. 
 Plot Neighbour  tells me that we have a resident Fox too, he apparently will often come for a snooze under shade of our trees in the afternoon during the summer, so shall have to keep my camera handy.

I have managed to now dig over one third and i covered with taurp just to stop more weeds growing so i will be able to start making some beds now

And lastly we took two of the grandchildren up the plot on saturday and here is a picture of my angels giving their approval.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sunset over the sea

These are few snaps taken from the hill I live on, looking over the town toward the sea just before the sun sets

too cold to do much at the allotment

Popped up the plot this morning to take some pictures, tried to do abit while i was there but it was too frozen !

 These two are what it looked like yesterday

After a few very cold hours work I cleared the weeds and tidied up, 3 garbage bags of crap just behind here alone.

Until I make a new compost bin I have put up a ton bag and started a new pile, i have cut back all the brambles and covered with an old carpet for now. In time shall put up new fence infront of trees as the original one has colapsed  in the undergroth also found alot of 8' canes

Then I worked my way down the side removing all the bramble unfortunatly i could not dig down as ground was frozen ! but at least i have made a good start

 Underneath some weeds and bramble I found his leeks

I cleared nearly all of this as well most of it is weeds some is just rubbish

Ionly stopped when the light had faded and i lost feeling in my hands

I was going to finish clearing it this morning But it was frozen solid !

run of nights for the rest of the week  for me so I cant see me being up there again until maybe Sunday

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

an allotment

I was collecting something from a freecycler and we got chatting, the gent lives around the corner from me, he has an allotment but no idea of what do to on it, every thing he did last year died and the space he didnt use his neighbours took over for their own use.

Well he asked me if  I would teach him how to grow veggies and work along side him to show him what to do, in return I can grow what ever i like and at no cost to myself.

I said yes please !!

this is the DUMPING ground behind the shed

full of BRAMBLES and CRAP

 I have discovered Fruit bushes here !

He started to dig it over  then stopped

 this is where next door grow thier spuds

 At the back of the pic you can see the old compost bins when you touch them they fall apart !

 I dont even want to guess what i will find in this pile

 The view from the top of the plot

The veg at the side of the fence again belongs to another plot holder

and lastly this is where he had his failed crops

 Above are some pictures of the Plot as i take it on, as i work on it i will take more.

Today never got up above 4* but the sun was out and it was lovely up there, for most day i was on my own except for the two robins that seemed to follow me around the plot, shall try to get a picture of them !

Need to make a bird table or hangers, and the grandchildren are going to love their new garden lol

Today i have tackled most of the bramble on the surface ! ! discoved bindweed !! and cleared the rubbish behind the shed, but by the time i had finished the light had gone so i shall take some tomorrow inbetween shifts.