Wednesday, 18 April 2012

cleaned the garden

With all the scavaging that I have been doing, my garden was begining to look like steptoe and sons yard so far shame sake i have had a clean up and tidy away, I am shamed to say that it look me 5 hours which is terrible concidering how small the garden is !

this is our little bit of a sitting area which seems to get smaller each year,

just a selection

Just a selection of what is growing at the moment, both in the greenhouse and the garden
as you can see things are comming along lovely now.

these are the pots that were kindly given to me by a forum member of GC in total there is over a 100 different size pots  

here is a few pictures of the haul of wood i had the other day,

at the very back just behind the wood, you can just see the metal box sheeting at 6' lengths and there are 12 of these !

another stack of slabs up the plot and all of the roof tiles are there too
 memo to self must rememeber to take camera up the plot to update there too !!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

water butts

here is a few pic of my water butts

a tad crude is  set up but it works

Sunday, 8 April 2012

a place for pics so i can post on GC

winston churchill Hardy

sir mat busby trailling fuschia

as above just in tray together

dollar princess hardy

Fuschia display Hardy

Thursday, 5 April 2012

It has been a while

Well over a month has gone since i last posted ( time flies when your in the garden green house and allotment)

Been super busy with work, and the family, Two of our little cherubs have turned 3 in the last month so Happy birthday Toby and Melody!!!!!!
then of course there has been the prep, the potting and the planting,

I have now sorted all of the plot except for the last 10 feet as the Plot holder wants to do that bit

Things are starting to bud

this is one of the black currant bushes

this is the compost bin that I have made, still going to use the darlik type too, have knocked up a storage unit /work table, and making a start on the new shed floor.

as you can see i have got quite a few pallets to keep me going

Terry takes a pic with me in it ( i hate my pic being taken lol)
as you can see all of the beds are ready to plant now, the small one on the bottom right is the strawberry bed, which are already flowering ! then the first long bed is where the early spuds are, where i am working is where the onions are and carrots are going

not the best shot but here the onions are just coming through

I have no idea what this climbing plant is, I found it in among the bambles and it looked like a rose but no thorns so i thought i would keep it and have a look see what it turns into

the green house is fit to burst as is the various plastic containers used as mini green houses, shall take some pics tomorrow and upload.