Tuesday, 8 May 2012

mams garden at start

We have been down to see mam today for her birthday and to tell her what I have planned, i have taken some pictures of her garden as it was on arrival and then a few more at the end of the day with some of the pots planted up.

grass hasnt been cut for weeks as it has been too wet to do so, which is good as now I can actually what is there ( he strims everything that grows) but he is trying to help lol

Some of the broken path and two large fir tree I have found an astilbe mam says she cant recall what colour it is as it usually gets cut down before it has a chance.

lilac trees lots of them the black plastic is to try and stop me growing

lots of this creeper in various places around garden Mam likes it but would prefere it a little more contained

A clematis about 16 years old it has pulled the trellising down, it is now very woody I have put a couple of pots of compost at the bottom and will try to start off a few cutting with the new growth.

some blue bells and snow drops mam says and lot of growth but not so many flowers again because they are often cut down before they flower also found a Grannies bonnet ? she had forgot that she had, she thinks there is some daff here too ?  another creeping plant that has a blue ? flower

two  ?????????   against the fence with a rush  growing in the middle of one !
a few blue bells,

 a close up but i dont know what it is

Third from right against the fence A weigela ( a fav of mine) this one will be kept and on the left those are nettles !!!! and a tree stump in the forground  

and  a closer look Hmmmm what will i do with this stump  it used to be a fir tree

A close up of the nettles along fence

this wall is the front boundary which is really unsafe the blocks are just crumbling, most of the street have replaced theirs already, i have wooden fencing that will match the neighbours on both sides ( but not as tall)

there is a kind of rockery ? nettles lots, weeds lots, rocks a few some creeper (same as front door ) and crocosmia that pops up here there and every ! mam would like to keep some but contain it. 

a rose bush amongst nettle and more crocosmia on side where the fir trees are by the gate, so this is the front garden this morning.

Friday, 4 May 2012

going to make a garden for my Mother in law

she is a wonderful lady that really deserves a break, so follow this blog for ideas updates and plants,
have had some fantastic ideas and have robbed my garden and my daughters have also been to morrisons and B&Q ( a friend txt me to say that they had things reduce ) got a few bargains

                                  I have bought 2 of these sets from morrisons to start her off

A few marigold and something else that for the life of me i cant remember the name of !!! 

This one is a lie ! as in mine doesnt look like this yet but hopefully it will when it grows up

                                                         Sweet peas at mam's request

  I have divided up this lovely Pieris japonica 'Little Heath' just hope it takes as well as it has in the past, the shape is a little messy yet but i can sort that out once it takes

 This is an Azalea i have robbed back from from me daughter i must say it is looking less healthy than when it went it to hers, maybe it doesnt approve of my grandsons footie skills !!
 These two are new Pyracantha climbers one goes 12' the other 6' I thought they'd look good againt house wall and side fence

This little boy has dreams of being a standard Photinia "little Red Robin"

This I have also divided up this euonymus that has gone a tad wild in the daughters so time to go on to the next home 

Another new one ( damn i am going to be broke )This is a 'Ribes sanguineum'
have been told it stinks so shall place this furthest from the house

Answers on a post card please for the life of me I have no idea ! and i have had it for 10 plus years


couldnt resist this Hardy

Or this one

lillie 3 Red, 3Yellow and 3 orange

3 trays of Chrysanthemum all reduced from £5:00 down to £2:00 this one is yellow with red tips

Lupins on sale for £2:98 down to 75p so got 4 of them 1 white , 1 pink and 2 lilac

also a miniture Hydrangea

This Nemesia was also reduced down to £2:00 from £5:00

and another 2 trays of  Chrysanthemum one in a pink red and the other in claret red.

Mam says that she has some spring bulbs in with the grass so i shall have fun looking for them !

My daughter has also bought some Roses and pots to put them in Happy days!!!!
 at least when we go down to hers on her birthday we shall be able to give her a bit of a taste of whats to come. i think i now need to add some contrast items what do you think ?