Thursday, 7 June 2012

"Turkey" Our 5th Anniversary

Recently it was our 5th wedding Anniversary and we decided to go back to Turkey where we honeymooned, I really wanted to go back to Ephesus and Pamukkale where we had gone on honey moon but I had unfortunatly been taken ill with a meniers attack ! Grrrr 

Any way this holiday I had two small attacks but not on days where we had anything planned so nothing spoiled ( flying makes it worse lol)

Here are some pictures the ones with date stamps are from our Honey moon trip as i had not been well Terry had gone around on his own and just taken photo's so that we could look back together at them when we returned this year we didnt take the camera as we had many photo's and this time we just wanted to enjoy, the first ones are from the stunning Ephuses 

the following were taken on our honeymoon too just forgot to take the camera when we revisited Pamukkale lol
I am feeling strong in this one

forgive the lack of clothing

This next one is Cleopatra's pool it is an amazing experience to swim in here we did it on both visits

the pic above i Borrowed from the net !

These are pictures from this years trip to Dalyan the Tombs in the cliff face, we travelled on a boat like this one,
These tombs are carved into the cliff face and the detail was amazing, we only saw them from the river but they were very impressive

We also partook in the mud baths TRUST me this you would only do once it stunk

and then we went on to see the loggerhead Turtle which we didnt manege to get a photo of but we did get to see so this pic I have again borrowed from the net

We then lazed on Turtle beach in Dalyan
one side is the river and the other is the med sea and apparently the water is the same temp both day and night ( so the guide told us )

On the day of our Anniversary the staff had done this in our room, we have made good friends with the reception staff and some of the cleaners there and this was our 3rd time back since our honeymoon.

Ziggy you may appreciate the following pics lol,  i spent a whole day blissfully fishing off one of the piers, didnt get much but i had a fab time watching all the fish chassing the line when i brought it in lol
I have no idea what Fish these are but I caught these using just a spool and line with a tiny hook on ( must remember to bring my own hooks next time lol)  

They locals said the weather had been really bad this year and back in feb they had a huge storm that brought this fishing boat aground, they said it will probably be a floating restuarant next time we visit (any thing to make a buck or should that be Lira) 

this was the view from our room and as there were 2 other large pools lower down in the complex next to the loud bar and shops this one was always quiet and used mainly by people wjo just wanted to chill and relax

We went out twice on these Gulet boats where we stopped in different bays and beaches and I went snorkling, it is amazing how clear the water and how close the fish come to you, I could do it daily but that would be selfish as Terry is not a lover of  the sea, boats or fish, on the second trip the weather changed quickly and I am afraid too say that the sea state changed with it the sea went from slight to quite Rough in about 20 mins so much so that poor Terry become quite ill, the captain had to head it to and then turn back with the swell in to the next port Bitez which shouldnt have taken more than 1/2 to 3/4 an hour but it actually took us 2 1/2 , couldnt fault the captain though he even arranged us a jeep that took us back to our hotel and even offered us a free trip on another day ( not that I could have dragged Terry back on a boat again)  

well I think I have bored you all enough later I will post some of the flowers, shrubs that I took while there